Amin Surgicals

Marco Nidek ARK-900

The Marco ARK 900 Automatic Refractor/Keratometer is a unique combination which provides the practitioner objective measurements of refraction, and radius of corneal curvature together in one instrument.
Based on our popular line of proven automated refractors and keratometers, the ARK-900 incorporates many impressive features such as Marco’s exclusive Advanced Refraction Logic, Averaged multiple readings, Automatic binocular P.D. measurement, and calculation for near PD., as well as a mode for monocular P.D. and corneal diameter measurements. An electronic joystick elevation controls makes alignment and focusing a simple and fast one-handed operation.
The instrument can be used separately as an auto refractor, keratometer, or of course, both simultaneously. All functions are conveniently displayed on a high resolution TV monitor and the patient data appears on a single printout.