Amin Surgicals


  • The Magna View Gonio Laser Lenses were designed for anterior chamber observation and photocoagulation
    procedures that offer increased detail when examining the trabecular meshwork.
  • These lenses provide the clearest and sharpest image available of any gonioscopy lens.
  • The 62° mirror provides the best image of the gonio available.
  •  A special lid flange on the OMVGLF, OMV2GF and OMVGLF-1.5X renders the lens resistant to rejection by
    the squeezing patient.
  • The second mirror on the OMV2G and OMV2GF lenses reduce the amount of lens rotation needed to view the total 360° of the anterior chamber.
  • The high magnification of the OMV2G, OMV2GF, OMVGL-1.5X and OMVGLF-1.5X gonioscopy lenses
    provide fine detailed viewing of the anterior chamber angle structure and are excellent lenses for detailed high resolution digital and traditional photography.
  •  The Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating on the anterior of OMV2G, OMV2GF, OMVGL-1.5X and
    OMVGLF-1.5X gonioscopy lenses provides maximum light transmission and image brightness.
  • The OMVGL-1.5X and OMVGLF-1.5X designs utilize an all glass prism for increased clarity.
  • OMVG200, OMVGF200 & OMVG200-2 lenses feature seven stair steps in high contrast white imaged at
    approximately 200um.
  • No methylcellulose is required during routine eye examinations on the OMVG200-2 style lens.
  • OMVGL-IR & OMVGLF-IR lenses incorporate an ergonomic rotating feature that greatly improves rotational
    control while eliminating the need for two handed adjustments.
  • OMVGLK-2-IR lens design features 200 & 400um geometric steps to approximate the Scheie and Spaeth Angle Grading Systems. In addition, the six bar color pallet approximates the Scheie and Spaeth degree of pigmentation of the angle.
  • OMVGLK-2-IR lens incorporates the Max360 rotating feature.