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  • The Sussman Four Mirror Hand Held Gonioscope combines the most favorable features of multi-mirror gonioscopes.
  •  It is lightweight and directly hand held which lends itself naturally to delicate maneuvers while observing the angle.
  •  The smaller contact surface is particularly useful in compression gonioscopy.
  •  Gonioscopic solution is not required to create an optical interface.
  •  The lens can be sterilized and used in the operating room for intraoperative gonioscopy.
  • The lens consists of a highly truncated pyramid with a plano anterior viewing surface over 4 mirrors inclined at 64°.
  • The mirrored surfaces are silvered with an exclusive double layer, protective coating to prevent peeling and damage under normal daily use.
  • The posterior surface of the lens has a base curve of 41.5D and a diameter 9mm.
  •  A serrated finger grip, or ring, extends 1mm above the anterior surface to provide protection.
  • The Sussman Four Mirror Hand Held Gonioscope is also available with a larger holding ring.
  • Lenses also available in select colors. Contact Ocular Instruments for further information.
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