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Cassettes Trays made of Anti-Magnetic Stainless steel

Designed to provide protection and organization for accountability and sterilization of Opthalmic              and  small  surgical instruments

  • Accommodates a wide variety of small instrumentation
  • Vented silicone  Mats built in
  • Reduce instrument repair and replacement costs
  • Allow maximum sterilant flow
  • Prevent moisture accumulation
  • sterilization by all standard methods Autoclave/Ethylene Oxide/Dry heat 320°F (160°C)/Cold solution

    Silicone pin mats hold operating instruments in position, supported by soft spines. Lifting instruments off this mat is safer and more positive. Since tools are supported by small pr otrusions, contaminants are not transferred to other tools but drain through holes in the mat. These mats are easily cleaned and tolerate numerous cycles in an autoclave.


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